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Coralife 05505 6700K Square Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamp, 65-Watt
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Brand/Style: Plant 65 Watt 6700K
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Coralife Flo 6700K Aquarium Lamp Square 28watt
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Brand/Style: Plant 65 Watt 6700K
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6700K Daylight White. Excellent choice for plant tanks, freshwater or reef aquariums. Intense, full spectral output essential for the growth of plants. this lamp provides a crisp daylight white look that replicates the midday sun. 1.5 in. W x 21 in. L x 1 in. H Hamilton Compact Fluorescent lights supply the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health.

6,700K colored bulbs provide the best light available from a fluorescent lamp. This lamp replicates sunlight and has high output in the spectrum best for photosynthetic reactions. This lamp will enhance the appearance and life forms of your aquarium. 6,700K Daylight lamps cast a natural white glow to simulate the appearance of sunlight. Ideal for freshwater aquariums with live plants.